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Spring Cleaning 101 - Ultimate Cleanliness Checklist

Spring Cleaning 101 – Ultimate Cleanliness Checklist 

It’s that time of year again! Springtime brings many things: blooming flowers, warmer weather, and plenty of allergens! How can we rid our homes of these pesky pollutants? With spring cleaning and air purification! Check out our ultimate cleanliness checklist for a comprehensive list of everything you’ll need to completely clean your home this spring. Read to the end for an additional tip that will rid your home of up to 99.9% of airborne contaminants! 

Dining Room

Starting in your dining room, wash and press table linens, polish any silver, and vacuum chair cushions. Be sure to dust your light fixtures, walls, blinds, curtain rods, chairs and any other furniture you might have in there. Don’t forget about your floors! Sweep, vacuum, and mop floors to make sure they’re clean as a whistle. Always start from the top to the bottom so your dust falls as you go, and the dust on the floor is cleaned last.


In the bathrooms, be sure to empty and discard old products and any trash first. Next wipe down mirrors, walls, and baseboards. Clean the vanity, tub, and shower with natural cleaners to cut down on VOCs in the air in your home. You can also sweep, mop, and rub off tile grout to get your floors looking squeaky clean! It’s also a good idea to go ahead and throw all dirty towels, rags, and even shower curtains in the wash to be thoroughly cleaned.


In your bedrooms be sure to dust surfaces like blinds, curtain rods, window sills, bed frames and desk and dresser tops. Don’t forget to get the top of the fan blades as well. Wash windows, wipe your baseboards, and donate any unused clothing. Flip your mattress, and wash your sheets, comforter, and any other blankets. Since the weather is warmer, you might be able to strip off some of your bed’s thicker blankets and layers for the springtime too. Lastly, vacuum carpets and rugs, and sweep and mop hardwood floors. 

HVAC Repair 

If you find yourself still needing extra blankets and layers in any bedrooms, or waking up sweating every night, there might be an issue with your home’s HVAC system. Minor issues such as dirty vents, cracked ductwork, or worn insulation can easily be fixed with Gulfshore’s proactive performance plans that come with a variety of benefits and maintenance options. Ask us about our maintenance plans today, or contact us for HVAC repair!

Throughout the Home

There are so many things to do as you clean throughout your home, like replacing air vents and registers, cleaning light fixtures, replacing bulbs, and sanitizing door handles and light switches. You can also replace batteries in various household appliances like smoke alarms, remote controls, wall clocks, scales, and more.

Air Purification

To reduce dust buildup throughout the year and make your spring cleaning easier next year, invest in an air purification system. Our air purifiers can remove up to 99.9% of airborne particles and allergens from the filtered air your family breathes. This includes things like dust, pet dander, pollen, bacteria, and they can even cut down on odors and static electricity!

Contact Us

Good luck with your spring cleaning endeavors, and for more help on improving your home’s comfort system, don’t hesitate to contact Gulfshore Air Conditioning & Heating. We can help out with any of your HVAC maintenance issues. Call us at (850)-897-6540 or visit our website to learn more about our products and services. 

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