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Geothermal Solutions

Gulfshore Geothermal Design

Geothermal heat pumps are great for your family and your home. By tapping into temperatures deep beneath the earth’s surface, geothermal HVAC systems heat and cool the home while producing no carbon emissions.

Gulfshore is your premier geothermal contractor with the experience in design and installation to give you many years of geothermal efficiency and performance in your home, commercial building, or vessel. Gulfshore is the exclusive certified contractor for this region to install Aquatherm Polypropylene thermoplastic piping materials.

Aquatherm  is fusion welded thermoplastic pipe with a ten year material warranty, and a $40,000,000.00 property damage warranty. Obviously, Aquatherm stands behind their product, and so do we. When installed by a certified professional, it will never leak.

When a client chooses to combine this piping system with one of Gulfshore’s  premium geothermal installations, they get the absolute best in efficiency, performance, craftsmanship, and most importantly, peace of mind.

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How can Geothermal Technology benefit your home or business?

Geothermal systems require design experience and expertise in installation. Gulfshore offers Climate Master, Florida Heat Pump, and American Standard geothermal equipment. We have the latest in variable speed compressor and fan technology, which allows us to offer you the absolute best in comfort and humidity control. Our load calculations and loop calculations ensure you get what you are paying for.

We separate ourselves from our competition, by knowing these installations inside and out. For instance, we know when to use a stainless steel full port ball valve, a Taco slow opening bronze control valve, Hayes autoflow devices, etc., when our completion may not. Geothermal is not a side line for an air conditioning “guy”.  Geothermal is Gulfshore’s opportunity to shine, and provide you with a fantastic installation that will perform for you in your residential, commercial, or marine application for years to come.

Geothermal Units

Packaged Systems

These systems circulate fluid through the earth and through a coil that absorbs or dissipates heat depending on the season.

Platinum Variable Speed (TVGS)

Utilizing a true variable-capacity compressor and a variable-speed blower with a fully-communicating control package, this system provides our highest level of comfort, efficiency and ultimate performance with an EER of up to 40 and a COP of up to 5.

Split Systems

These systems use a ground loop connected to a loop of refrigerant to transfer heat, using an air handler or furnace to circulate air.

Platinum Indoor (A2GN)

This two-stage system offers up to 33.1 EER, and works in conjunction with an air handler or furnace for enhanced indoor comfort. The small footprint saves space, and the indoor product can be located up to 60 feet from the air handler. Optional hot water heating is available.

Water Heating & Cooling Systems

Utilize circulating fluid loops to heat and cool your home without fans or ductwork.

Platinum Water to Water (A1GW)

Offers up to 24.5 EER and single-stage heating and cooling. Radiant heating and cooling maintain comfortable temperatures throughout your home, while providing hot water for daily use.

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