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furnace inspection

Furnace Inspection

As we head into cooler weather, it’s time you start thinking about preparing your home for it. One of the most important steps to preparing your home for the cold is a furnace inspection and tune-up. You’re probably wondering whether it’s really necessary to have your furnace inspected, and if you want to prevent costly repairs and increase your system’s efficiency then the answer is yes. In fact, you could increase your system’s efficiency up to 30%, saving you money on your monthly energy bills while more easily heating your whole house. Need more convincing? Keep reading

furnace inspection

Why You Need a Furnace Inspection

Prevent Carbon Monoxide Leaks

Furnaces are built to protect your home from carbon monoxide, however, over time, regular wear and tear can cause cracks to develop in your system, leaving you with a dangerous situation when turning your furnace on. These cracks usually develop in the heat exchanger and can be caused by dirt and dust buildup making your system work harder than it should. During inspections, the professionals at Gulfshore Air are trained to find any cracks that could lead to carbon monoxide leaks.

Prolong System Life

The longer you put off getting your annual tune-ups, the more likely you are to have a costly breakdown. Preventative maintenance ensures that small problems are fixed before they become big ones, and makes sure that all parts of your system are working correctly and efficiently. When things break down, you’re more likely to notice a ripple-effect, causing your system to require repairs more often and a replacement sooner. 

Keep Things Clean

When you get an inspection from Gulfshore Air, we inspect and clean your system. This means checking that dust and even rust are not built up on or around the burner. Dust builds up over very short periods of time, so having your furnace checked regularly is important. Too much buildup can cause problems and inefficiency with your system. 

Prevent Future Breakdowns

As we’ve mentioned, regular maintenance is imperative to stopping problems before they happen to save you from expensive emergency repairs. When we inspect your system, we talk with you about any potential issues we foresee, and can usually replace worn out parts in the same day. The cost of preventative maintenance could be minuscule compared to emergency repairs. 

Reduce Your Energy Bill

Any of the issues we’ve mentioned above will of course cause you to spend more money, and regular maintenance can fix these problems. In fact, it can even cause you to spend less on your monthly energy bills! By regularly inspecting, cleaning, and replacing worn out parts, your system will run more efficiently for years to come saving you money in the short run and the long run.

Maintain System Warranty

Sometimes, you’re required to have regular maintenance performed on your system for a valid warranty. For example, if you need to replace your system prematurely because of issues or a system breakdown, the manufacturer may require proof that maintenance and inspections have been performed routinely. If not, they could deny your request for a replacement.


How Often Should I Schedule A Furnace Inspection?

While most HVAC service providers offer maintenance inspections twice a year, only one of those requires checking the furnace. This inspection is performed in the fall to prepare your furnace before you need to use it for the first time during the cold season. This helps to prevent malfunctions from sitting stagnant for months on end, especially like most do in our warm climate along the gulfshore.

More About Us

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