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Need New Air Ducts?

Are you experiencing poor air flow throughout your home? Are there rooms in your house that are warmer or colder than others? Have your monthly energy bills been higher than normal? The answer to these questions could all be one thing: your air ducts need replacing. If your air ducts are leaking or filled with dust and debris, you could be sacrificing your comfort, your indoor air quality, and your money! To determine whether you may need to replace your air ducts, look for these 5 signs:

air ducts dust

1. Dust Everywhere

A leak in your ductwork could be allowing dust and other debris to enter into your ductwork past your air filter. This means that dust and debris will flow freely through your ducts before entering your home. If you’re experiencing dust buildup in your home or even musty smells, the problem could very well be from a leak in your ductwork. Save yourself from constant cleaning and unhealthy air quality by getting your ducts repaired or replaced.

2. Weak Air Flow

A leak in your ductwork could also cause a drop in air pressure. While letting dust and debris into your system, it could be letting conditioned air out. This causes your system to work harder to reach the set point of your thermostat, causing higher bills and uncomfortable conditions.

3. Uneven Cooling

Hand in hand with weak air flow comes uneven cooling throughout your home. If you feel hot and cold spots when walking through your house, you could be losing conditioned air somewhere in your air ducts. Save money and keep your whole home comfortable by getting to the bottom of this issue as quickly as possible. 

high energy bills

4. Greater Energy Use 

If your ductwork is in need of repair, you’ll almost always experience higher than normal energy bills. Maybe you haven’t noticed uneven heating and cooling, and maybe you haven’t noticed weak air flow, but one thing you’ll almost always notice is higher energy bills. Don’t let your bills go through the roof, spending more money to be less comfortable. Get your air ducts replaced today.

5. Loose Ducts or Visible Damage

It’s likely you’ve never taken a look at the ductwork in your home, and now might be the time to do so. If you notice peeling tape, holes, cracks, or loose connections, it could be due to regular wear and tear, or it could be that your ductwork was installed improperly from the get-go. Replace the duct work immediately to prevent issues from occurring.

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