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Why Is My Heating Bill So High This Month?

Why Is My Heating Bill So High This Month? 

After the holidays, it’s very common for you to be receiving higher heating bills than usual. You might assume that’s natural for the season, however there might be some other reasons your bill is higher, aside from the colder temperatures and spending more time at home. Read on to find out the other reasons why your heating bill is so high this month and how you can easily lower them going forward. 

Drafts & Cracks

A major cause of wasted heat is leaks and drafts in your system. If you’re unaware of the leak, it could be costing you more money for warm air that’s seeping out of your system instead of into your home. An easy way to find a leak is to check around your home for cracks or small holes in the walls, or near the windowpanes and door frames. heating bill so high 

There might also be some open spaces in your insulation that may have formed over time. This can be easily remedied by filling any insulation cracks or adding more insulation if your home doesn’t have much. Lastly, there could be a leak in your ductwork. This is a problem that should only be handled by professionals. heating bill so high 

Heating System

Efficiency is key when it comes to your heating system, therefore your system itself might be the reason for your higher bills this year. Older and less efficient systems tend to use more energy heating your home than newer model systems, which can reduce costs in the long run. Investing in a variable speed HVAC system that is sized correctly for your home will be your best bet at lowering your energy bills. The professionals at Gulfshore Air are trained to examine your home and determine the best heating system for your home, family, and budget. We’re Northwest Florida’s #1 HVAC contractor! heating bill so high 

Faulty Thermostat

Sometimes your heating systems might be working just fine, but your thermostat is not accurately reading the temperature or has other damage. Changing the temperature constantly is not only annoying, but it can be costly too. Consider trying a programmable thermostat to be able to accurately control the temperature from anywhere and even plan out your home’s temperature schedule for the entire week. These smart thermostats also come with reminders for maintenance, so you remember to stay on top of it and keep your system running at maximum efficiency throughout the year.

Get a Professional Opinion

Not sure of the real culprit of your high heating bills, or need a professional’s opinion? Don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us through our website or give us a call at 850-897-6540. Take charge of your heating expenses this year!

Gulfshore Air is your local American Standard Customer Care Dealer, and Niceville’s #1 HVAC contractor. Feel free to email us at [email protected] with any questions or inquiries about your HVAC system. Be sure to visit us on Facebook and Instagram for more helpful home tips! heating bill so high heating bill so high heating bill so high 

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