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Things to Do At Home On Chilly Winter Days

Things to Do At Home On Chilly Winter Days 

It’s starting to get chilly out there! Though we are grateful for our relatively mild winters in Northwest Florida, chillier days will be settling in soon. Since your home comfort is our #1 priority and what we think about ALL the time, we decided to put together a fun list of ideas of things to do inside on those slightly-too-chilly-for-the-beach days! Enjoy these ideas with your family this week during the holidays, too! 

Host A Holiday Craft Party

Set up a crafting table to keep your little ones entertained while the adults chat around the table. The kids can make these adorable yarn-wrapped ornaments all on their own, once you (or older siblings and cousins) cut out the shapes. They’ll become treasured heirlooms as the years go on. Don’t forget to make a few holiday crafts to hand out to your kids’ teachers, local librarians, babysitters, or even the cashier you always see at the corner store. Homemade gifts especially instill the meaning of the holiday for little ones. 

Bake Christmas Treats  

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Baking cutout cookies on chilly winter days fills your home with a delectable aroma and gives you something fun to do. Don’t worry if your cookies come out a little mis-shapen; they’ll still taste amazing! Do this activity by yourself, with your partner, with family and friends, or with your kiddos! You can arrange fun cookie decorating games and competitions to really get everyone excited about baking together.

Play Christmas “I Spy” & Work In Some Household Chores 



When at home, taking a holiday road trip, or just driving around town, keep the kids occupied with a game of Christmas “I Spy.” At home, ask them to spot a certain number of colorful ornaments or to find a specific ornament on the tree. When you’re driving, ask them to spot decorated Christmas trees, wreaths on front doors, light-up reindeer, or their favorite holiday decor.


You can even make this game into productive time spent around the house and make chores fun at the same time. Have your kids look for your air registers and time them as they wipe them down with a damp cloth. Fastest time wins one of those Christmas cookies! You can also engage your kids to help with home maintenance by raking leaves away from your outdoor unit and showing them how to change the air filter. Teaching kids to have fun while doing necessary tasks will reward you both for years to come! 

Create A Holiday Themed Photo Booth



Whether your holiday guest list is as long as Santa’s, or you’re throwing a small holiday gathering, a DIY photobooth will make getting photos with family and friends so much more fun. It’s also a great way to repurpose old decorations you aren’t using this year. Kids love to dress up, so throw in some Christmas sweaters and sparkly Christmas costume jewelry from the dollar store to really kick it up a notch! 

Have A Date Night

Spending some well-deserved time with your spouse for a date night can be just as fun at home as anywhere else! If you have kids, send them to the babysitter for the evening and plan out some activities for you and your loved one to do together at home. To stay productive, things like cooking and even cleaning during the day before your date night can set the tone for a relaxing evening together.

Stay Comfortable

As the holiday season sets in and we have cooler winter days outside, planning some fun indoor activities for you and the kids will be a real day-saver when those chilly days do hit. When you’re home, be sure your HVAC system is up to the task of keeping everyone comfortable.

Having preventative maintenance performed on your HVAC system is your best bet to keeping a comfortable home this season. Gulfshore Air offers premier maintenance plans in the Northwest Florida community. During our visit, one of our professional technicians will inspect your system, clean your system, and discuss any adjustments that need to be made to keep your system running efficiently and effectively throughout every season. View more about our maintenance plans or sign up online at

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