One of the most important things you can do to prepare for winter is to ensure that your home’s furnace is operational, safe, and as energy-efficient as possible. The last thing you want in the middle of the night is to discover your furnace has broken down.

There are a wide variety of things that can happen to your furnace during the months where it isn’t in use, so it pays to have a professional Gulfshore Tech come out and inspect your home’s furnace before winter gets into full swing. During a regular inspection of your home’s furnace, our trusted technician will also clean the furnace, check and change the filter, check for any leaks or unhealthy gasses, and make sure that everything in your heating system is working as it should be. There are also a number of things that you can do yourself that can help keep your furnace running more efficiently throughout the winter.

Change Your Filters Regularly

There is some debate on whether or not you should change out your furnace filter monthly, or at least once a month. Visually inspecting your filter every 30 days will also suffice. If your filter still looks fairly good after that point, you can probably put off changing for a little while longer, otherwise, it might be best to go ahead and change it out.

Stock Up On Filters

You can find pretty good deals on furnace filters, especially if you shop for them during the summer. This can be a great way to save on your winter costs, giving you the extra money you could put towards other things.

Remove Items You Have Stored Near Your Furnace

It is always a good idea to remove anything you have stored near your furnace, particularly if any of those items are flammable. House fires are most common in the winter. You will also want to remove any items that are in the way of your air ducts or your return vents.

Fill Up Your Gas Furnace

If you have a gas furnace, it is a good idea to call your gas company early and have them come out and fill it up. Gas is much cheaper to buy during the summer than it is in the winter, so it pays to stock up early if you get the chance. This will also help you beat the rush of everyone trying to schedule appointments. You will be one step ahead, and warmer faster!

Bleed Your Radiator Valves

If you have hot water radiators, you will want to make sure that you bleed the valves. This process is fairly simple, in that you only need to open the valves slowly and then close them again when water starts to appear. 

If you’re unsure about anything regarding your furnace and heating system, feel free to contact us! We will be able to help, as well as identify any smaller problems before they get out of hand. 

Visit our website at or call us at 850-897-6540. Gulfshore Air is fully licensed and insured.

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