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How To Battle The Winter Blues In Your Home

Battle The Winter Blues

It’s true, seasonal depression affects us all in one way or another. For most, it’s when the cold weather brings in the winter blues. Between the near freezing temps and early sunsets, it can seem like there’s not much time to enjoy your day. Thankfully, there are many ways to battle the winter blues when hanging out in your home. Lights, paint, plants, decor, and more can all improve how you feel this winter season.

Battle The Winter Blues

Bring On The Lights

A huge reason many people fall into sadness in the winter is due to how limited the daylight is. Many of us head to work when it is still dark and don’t come home until the sun is setting again. Add some light into your life by brightening up the indoor and outdoor areas of your home. String lights are a fantastic tool to add light outside. Inside, decorate your home with lamps rather than turning on the overhead lights. Lamps provide a softer, warmer glow for your space. 

There are even light therapy lamps available which mimic the extra hours of sunlight you are missing from spring and summer. These light boxes emit as little UV as possible while providing exposure up to 10,000 lux of light. 

Battle The Winter Blues

Paint Away The Winter Blues

Similar to lights, bright paint colors can make you feel happier as well. This is your opportunity to get creative and spice up your home. Choose a wall to use as an accent wall, or paint an entire room. Red is a popular color due to its exhilarating and empowering effects. Use patterned wallpaper, colorful paint, tile, or whatever your heart desires. Your home will not only be on trend, but also chase away the gloomy days. 

Battle The Winter Blues

Bring The Outdoors Inside

It’s hard to want to spend much time outside when the weather is chilly. Luckily, you can bring the outdoors inside your home. Collect shells and driftwood on the beach to use for decorations. These can bring in happy summertime memories, reminding you of warmer days. Houseplants can also liven up your space and even aid in purifying your indoor air.

While indoor plants will keep your home’s air cleaner to a degree, you might need a little more help. Especially during the winter months, our homes can become incredibly stuffy. Consider an air purification system from Gulfshore Air. Systems such as the Reme-Halo LED can remove up to 99.9% of airborne particles and allergens in every square inch of your home that your central heat and air reach. Breathing in fresh air around your home can truly brighten your days year round!

Battle The Winter Blues


Your home decor can make or break your space! Decorating with mirrors can aid in making your space feel brighter because mirrors reflect light and multiply the impact in the room. Additionally, choose light and airy curtains rather than heavy drapes for your home. These simple fixes can open up your home, letting light in to reduce any claustrophobic  or uncomfortable feelings. Don’t forget about bright colored pillows and throw blankets too!

Get In Touch

We are here to help keep your home’s air fresh and comfortable all winter long. Feel free to email us at [email protected] with any questions about air purification and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram! Gulfshore Air is an American Standard Customer Care Dealer serving the Niceville, FL, area.

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