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Home Improvement Projects

Home Improvement Projects to Tackle This Summer

Now is the time! Take advantage of these beautiful summer days and schedule some home improvement projects you’ve been meaning to start. Before we know it, those chilly and windy winter days will be back. This is the best time to start some projects on the exterior of your home, or projects which require a well-ventilated area. Let’s get going!

A New Front Door

Curb appeal is so important, and your entry door can either make or break your home’s appearance. Old doors can become a major eyesore and detract from your home. Not only do they hurt your home’s curb appeal, but they also can raise your energy bills! Doors which are cracked or warped may have gaps which let in drafts. Hot air can be seeping inside through these drafty gaps without you knowing. As you go throughout your day, take note of the doors on other people’s homes. This can be a great way to pull together inspiration for what you want for your new door. 

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing around your property is a simple home improvement project, but it can greatly enhance the look of your home! You can rent a pressure washer from your local hardware store and get right to work. Take the pressure washer to your driveway, front walkway, and exterior of your home for a good wash down. Be sure to read instructions for your pressure washer before beginning work to prevent any damage to your home. Your home will be sparkling clean before you know it!

Schedule Inspections

Now is the time to catch up on that list of inspections and minor repairs you’ve been meaning to have done! Call your local HVAC contractor out to inspect, clean, and perform maintenance on your HVAC system. Get in touch with a plumber near you to fix that one leaky faucet in your bathroom. Then, search for an electrician to help install your new light fixture and to ensure your home’s wiring is up to code. Getting ahead on this list will truly benefit you in the long run. With more efficient fixtures and systems, you’re sure to save on time and money in the long run. 

Check & Have Your Gutters Cleaned

After a chilly winter and a rainy spring, your gutters often need a bit of sprucing up. Your home’s gutters can become clogged with branches, leaves, pine needles, and other debris. A blockage can cause the water to not flow in the correct places, potentially causing erosion problems or foundational damage. It’s best to hire a professional to come inspect and, if needed, clean your gutters out. It’s risky to attempt to do this cleaning yourself. Avoid the risk and go with the pros! Your gutters will thank you. 

Upgrade to a High Efficiency HVAC System

We know, we know, upgrading your HVAC system is a major home improvement! While a new system installation is an investment, the benefits are sure to pay you back in energy savings and home comfort. A new, highly efficient HVAC system increases your home’s value, saves on energy bills, and keeps your home more comfortable. Homeowners who install American Standard’s AccuComfort Platinum 20 Heat Pump have saved an average of 50% a year, depending on their old system. This system also uses variable speed technology, which provides maximum comfort and proven humidity control for you and your family. 

Learn More

If you’re considering upgrading to a high efficiency system or having your current system inspected this summer, contact Gulfshore Air. We’re your local American Standard Customer Care Dealer, and are Niceville’s #1 HVAC contractor. 

Feel free to email us at [email protected] with any questions or inquiries about your HVAC system. Be sure to visit us on Facebook and Instagram for more helpful home tips!

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