Air Conditioning Systems: Bigger Is Not Necessarily Better

Air Conditioning Systems: Bigger Is Not Necessarily BetterThere are a lot of important factors that you should consider when reviewing different options in home comfort systems. Bigger is not necessarily better. This is especially true if you have a small-sized home or a limited number of rooms to cool. The following paragraphs contain the key factors that should be considered throughout the HVAC selection process.

Square Footage

Square footage will be the primary determinant when it comes to deciding the best size for your new home cooling equipment. Choosing options that are too large or small for your property can lead to disastrous results, no matter how well-rated a selected unit might be. The first step in getting an optimal amount of efficiency and cooling power is simply making sure that you choose is best-suited to the layout of your abode.

Dual Functionality

If your budget will accommodate it, you may want to look for a unit or system that has dual functionality. This is important if you lack a functional and efficient heating system in the home. Having one unit that can cover your HVAC needs year-round can be very convenient. You’ll pay more upfront but you’ll only have one cutting-edge unit to maintain.

A good system will not only have the ability to alter indoor temperatures. It will also be capable of extracting excess moisture and moderating indoor humidity. If you find a massive unit that lacks key features like this one, you may not get the best returns on your investment.

Ongoing Maintenance

It is important for homeowners to consider the ongoing maintenance needs for different options in this equipment, particularly if they are working with modest budgets. If you intend to head these efforts up on your own rather than using licensed technicians, make sure to choose a system that is lightweight and simple enough for you to deal with. Cumbersome, heavy units could make it necessary for you to outsource these efforts at an additional and regular expense.

Size Doesn’t Always Matter

One of the most vital things for consumers to understand is that size does not necessarily denote greater quality or enhanced cooling power. Surprisingly, some of the most powerful and efficient options are quite small. As HVAC technology continues to advance, people are learning that appearances can be quite deceiving. Before committing to any purchase decision, take some time to check out some of the latest models to hit the scene. Once you’re familiar with what the most cutting edge technologies can do, you’ll find yourself a lot less concerned with physical appearances.


These same ideas hold true when considering the cost of a new unit. Price is usually seen as a sign that an item is high in quality and extremely well made. As with size, however, a high price tag can be misleading. It is important to see what people are saying about different AC models and brands.

Installation Requirements

Buyers also have to think about the installation requirements for units, particularly when choosing systems with massive components. Whether you have space for a condenser outside or will need to place the majority of your equipment right inside of your home, you have to be sure that you have an adequate amount of obstruction-free space for doing so. It is also good to determine whether or not a large-sized unit will compromise home aesthetics or home values due to the complexity of the required install process.

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