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6 Quirky & Cute Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

6 Quirky & Cute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Are you looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your significant other, but don’t want to be too cliché? Maybe you and your partner like to have a sense of humor, and you want to get them something that the two of you would get a kick out of? Maybe you’re more of a sentimental type and want to show them just how much you love them. Either way, your gift should be special by being different! Check out these quirky and cute Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

Personalized Poetry

For a gift that requires a lot of thought and involvement, consider getting your partner a book of poetry and highlighting lines that remind you of them. This gift is a perfect way to make your partner feel special, and is a very romantic way to tell them how you feel. You can also include notes in the margins or funny drawings to make the gift even more unique to your relationship. If you’re looking to go all out, write a poem yourself! Feel free to research some ideas or maybe some relevant rhyming words, but be sure to include details specific to your relationship or your partner. They won’t be able to hold back the tears!


On the subject of books, any book your partner has been talking about, or has mentioned they’ve been interested in reading can be a very romantic gift as well. To make the gift even more special, you can turn your gift into an opportunity to spend time together. Buy yourself the same book so you can read it at the same time and discuss it together throughout the duration of your reading. If you don’t want to read the book with them, you could always add a few little jokes or words of affirmation in the margins, or give a personalized bookmark along with it. Add a sweet love note and a picture of the two of you on the bookmark to make it special.

Message Jar

If you’re more of the creative type and want to make an in-depth present, making capsule letters in a bottle jar with encouraging words and loving messages is a perfect and very special gift. All you have to do is write some kind words and small encouraging phrases on slips of paper, roll them up and place them in a mason jar for your partner to open whenever they need a comforting message throughout the year. This gift also works perfectly for long-distance couples, so that your gift can be there when you’re not as a reminder of your special connection!

Personalized Everyday Items

A cute and quirky option for a Valentine’s Day gift can be calendars, mugs, socks, pajama pants, and other personalized items with your significant other’s name, picture, or an inside joke between the two of you on it. Your partner will be reminded of you every time they use it, and they’re sure to get a laugh out of it, especially if you choose a funny image! 

Pet Presents

If your partner has a dog, cat, or another pet, getting them a cute sweater, toy, or decoration for their pet is a cute way to show them you care about them and their fur-baby! This is a great gift for couples that are more on the mellow side when it comes to gift giving, but still want to show their appreciation for each other and their favorite animals!


For another thoughtful gift, making a scrapbook from photos of you and your partner from dates and trips that you’ve been on is an excellent way to remember those moments and give them something they can cherish! Feel free to customize the scrapbook pages with colorful paper and mementos from that day such as tickets or personalized notes too. 

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