HVAC zoning system

What Is An HVAC Zoning System?

Do you have hot and cold spots throughout different areas of your home? Maybe the upstairs is hotter than the downstairs, or maybe you’ve got that one bedroom that always stays warmer than the rest. You could have even added an addition to your home that just doesn’t get cool in the summer. Solve this issue throughout your home with a zoning system from Gulfshore Air.

What Is An HVAC Zoning System?

An HVAC zoning system is a heating and cooling system that uses dampers throughout different parts of the ductwork to redirect air to specific areas in your home. The different sections in HVAC zoning systems are controlled separately by their own thermostats. For example, when the upstairs needs to cool down, your HVAC system will activate, and motorized dampers (think of them as doors) in the ductwork will open to provide cool air to the upstairs, but they will stay closed to prevent cool air from entering the downstairs.

Is An HVAC Zoning System Right for My Home?

If you’re looking to accommodate special comfort needs throughout different areas of your home, a zoning system may be the right choice for you. Consider areas with large windows that may easily increase the temperature, rooms that you seldom use, or specialized rooms like a home gym or theatre that should be cooler than others. Zoning systems also work well for optimizing different residents’ preferred temperatures. 

Benefits of An HVAC Zoning System from American Standard

  • You can create multiple temperature-controlled zones.
  • You save money by regulating temperatures throughout your home to not over-heat or over-cool certain areas.
  • You can save even more energy by using your zoning system with a programmable thermostat.
  • These highly efficient systems are also more environmentally-friendly.
  • Modulating dampers can be installed into existing ductwork so they’re cost-effective.
  • These systems provide relief for allergy sufferers in your home with Quick Clean cycles that can be set throughout the day.
  • Your Wired Zoning Sensor can be displayed seamlessly with your home’s decor.

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If you’re interested in installing a zoning system in your home, get in touch with Gulfshore Air Conditioning & Heating Inc by visiting our website or calling us at (850) 897-6540. We are your trusted American Standard Customer Care Dealer in Niceville, FL. Our professional staff can answer any questions you might have. 

Feel free to email us at info@gulfshoreair.com with any questions or inquiries, and be sure to visit us on Facebook and Instagram!

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