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HVAC tips for Pet Owners

Spring HVAC Tips for Pet Owners

Did you know that 85 million American households have pets? According to a National Pet Owners Survey, it’s true, and a huge majority of those household pets are cats and dogs. That’s a lot of fur floating around your home and invading your HVAC system. In order to keep a clean home, even with pets, follow these HVAC tips for pet owners.

Clean home

Clean the House

Cleaning the house when you have pets can seem like an endless chore, however, the more you keep your home clean, the better air you’ll breathe! Keeping your home clean also helps your HVAC system to work more efficiently as it will have less pet hair and dander invading its duct work, vents, and air filters. 

To effectively clean your home and best protect your HVAC system, sweep, mop, and vacuum regularly. Also, clean air vents, dust ceiling fans, countertops, and cabinets. Lastly, regularly change/ wash sheets, blankets, and pillows, and wipe down furniture. These small steps will go a long way in keeping your system running efficiently and effectively while keeping good indoor air quality.

HVAC tips for Pet Owners

Groom Your Pet

Keeping your pet groomed regularly can help cut down on the amount of hair and dander left behind in your home. Whether you do it yourself, or take them to professionals, make sure they’re washed and cut as needed. A good rule of thumb is washing twice a month and cutting every 1-2 months depending on how fast their hair grows and its length.

Change air filter

Change Air Filters

While this may be the simplest and most effective step in cleaning your home and protecting your HVAC system, it’s often the most overlooked. Changing your air filter is important in keeping a long-lasting system and good indoor air quality, and if you have pets, changing your filter is even more crucial. Depending on your specific situation, change your air filter every 1-3 months to ensure clean air and high efficiency at all times.

air purification

Invest In Air Purification

While we mostly worry about the things we CAN see affecting our indoor air quality, pets bring so much more into our homes than just pet hair and dander. Some things we CAN’T see so well are fecal matter, bacteria, dust, dirt, pollen, and other allergens. Remove up to 99.9% of these airborne contaminants with an air purification system.

Gulfshore Air offers the best air purification system on the market: the HALO-LED™ Whole Home In-Duct Air Purifier. This system treats every inch of conditioned air in your home, nearly eliminating contaminants in the air and on surfaces in your home. While this system reduces many pollutants brought in from your pets, it also reduces other allergens and smoke, odors, and VOCs. If you’re interested in learning more about this system, contact Gulfshore Air today.

HVAC tips for Pet Owners

Have Regular Preventative Maintenance

If you’re not currently part of a preventative maintenance plan, consider joining one today! During your preventative maintenance tune-up from Gulfshore Air, components of your system will be cleaned to ensure proper and efficient operation. Maintenance also helps ensure your air quality is as clean as it can be. Prolong the life of your system, save money, and ensure good indoor air quality by joining our Proactive Performance Plan today! We even offer convenient monthly payment options!

What’s Next?

If you’re interested in an air purification system or signing up for maintenance, contact Gulfshore Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. at 850-897-6540. We are a trusted American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Care Dealer in Niceville, FL. 

Our professional staff can answer any questions you might have. We will also make recommendations as to which system will work best for your individual home, family, and budget. Feel free to email us at info@gulfshoreair.com with any questions or inquiries. Be sure to visit us on Facebook and Instagram!

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