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Halloween decorating ideas

Halloween Decorating Ideas That Are Spunky & Spooky!

Halloween costumes are fun and all, but if you really want to get into the spirit for the holiday this year, don’t overlook your house and yard! Not only is October 31 the time to impress your family and friends with the spookiest decorations you can come up with, but it’s also the chance to entertain the trick-or-treaters who’ll show up at your doorstep.

From an over-the-top haunted house setup to fake blood and skulls galore, nothing is off limits when it comes to Halloween. But if you’re not all for the gory decorations, there are tons of cute ideas to make over your front porch for the big day, whether it’s as simple as string lights or creative pumpkin displays.

We’ve listed 5 of our favorite Halloween decorating ideas that are spunky and spooky for you to try!

1. Spider Web Wreath

To create this wreath, fold 2 sheets of black paper accordion-style (about 1.5″ inch folds). Proceed to fold each in half lengthwise. Cut the top of the fold diagonally (you should be left with a pointed end when it’s unfolded). Then, cut three rectangles out of the paper, about half an inch apart, on each segment. Once both sheets of paper are cut and folded, tie them together tightly at their center folds. Take each loose edge of folded paper and attach it to the end next to it with glue. Soon enough, the paper will open up like a spider web. This is a cute idea that’s fun for the whole family.

2. Jack-o’Lantern Display

This statement-making display doesn’t require you to be a pumpkin-carving expert. Instead, you can cheat with a drill. First, pencil your letters onto hollowed pumpkins (carve out the opening from the bottom). Next, use a drill with a half-inch bit to create holes that form each letter. Use a string of Christmas-tree lights, gathered in small bunches, to illuminate each pumpkin (unscrew the bulbs where the string descends to the next row).

3. Plaid Halloween Porch

Plaid is the signature pattern of fall, which means you can always incorporate it into your outdoor Halloween display. To make the plaid pumpkins seen here, choose two or three colors and thick lines of paint. Add fine lines between those and you’ve got a plaid pumpkin! Mix in some solid colored pumpkins for a clean look, and add some plaid pillows to your porch chairs.

4. Crow Curb Appeal

If your front yard doesn’t have any trees to hang Halloween ornaments from, create some by planting tall branches into pumpkins. You’ll have your own haunted forest right outside your door! Don’t forget to add fake crows to spook your visitors.

5. Indoor/Outdoor Pumpkin Pillows

Make your outdoor seating space even cozier with a festive throw pillow (or five!). This indoor/outdoor option will pair perfectly with a plaid throw blanket. If you’ve got a steady hand, save some money by purchasing plain pillows and painting pumpkins on them yourself. Everyone will love them!

Keep Your Home Comfortable

No matter which decorations you use, keep your home and family comfortable throughout the cooler season by scheduling an HVAC preventative maintenance visit with Gulfshore Air. We hope you have a spunky, spooky, and Happy Halloween! 

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