Design Your Comfort

Let Us Design Your Comfort


Would it give you peace of mind to know that the air conditioning and heating contractor you hire to perform work in your home or commercial building was the best in the business with years of design experience?  What does design experience mean anyway?

Designing an air conditioning and heating system for a home or business encompasses many factors and requires that the contractor take into account many aspects concerning building use, construction methods, and the needs of the client.  Gulfshore never blindly replaces an air conditioning system without performing calculations that influence duct size, construction, refrigerant line set size, electrical circuit size, and most importantly the client’s needs.  Installing a new air conditioning and heating system in an existing building, means that the comfort consultant must consider every factor influencing the systems performance and efficiency.  The number of windows and doors and their quality, the amount of insulation in the building, the existing duct work, the length and size of the refrigerant line set, the electrical circuits supplying the system components, the type of grills existing, the ceiling height, wall thickness, roof type and color, and other factors go into the process of helping Gulfshore clients make an informed decision and ensure the ultimate in comfort and efficiency.

Controls are an ever evolving accessory for every system.  Gulfshore has a vast array of controls options available for the residential and commercial client.   The Honeywell Prestige series featuring Redlink communication capability is just one example of how Gulfshore can put the controls of your system at your fingertips.  Imagine being able to control your entire commercial complex from one location, or from your smart phone.   Imagine being away on vacation, or working out of state, and receiving a text message from your system stating that it has experienced a specific malfunction, and Gulfshore has been notified.  This could mean that your commercial building does not loose valuable productivity, your renters don’t have to be re-located, and no drain water is flowing into a living space.  The list of possibilities goes on, but no matter what the problem is, Gulfshore’s professional technicians are en route to repair the problem.  If zone controls, variable air volume controls, or just a simple thermostat is what you need, Gulfshore has you covered with the latest technology and training.

Indoor air quality is a very important aspect of design that is often overlooked.  In this part of our great United States, we have lots of humid air coming in off the Gulf of Mexico, and that humid air excels corrosion, and the growth of micro-organisms.  In order to keep the air we breathe in our homes dry and clean, we must rely on components of the HVAC system.  Whole house dehumidification allows the air in your home to be dried twenty-four hours a day, even if your system has satisfied the thermostat and is not running.  Each time your air conditioning system cycles off, the humidity rapidly starts to rise.  Keeping that water out of the air preserves your furnishings, wall finishes, and most importantly, your family’s health.  To kill micro-organisms in the air, Gulfshore offers the REME or Reflective Electro Magnetic Energy cell.  This easy to install device emits ionized hydro-peroxides, a friendly oxidizer plasma made from oxygen and the moisture in the air, which destroys airborne and surface pollutants.  Designing an indoor air quality system to suit your specific needs is no problem.  Just give us a little information about your home and lifestyle, and Gulfshore has a solution for you.

Gulfshore comfort consultants have an edge over the competition….training and experience.  For 18 years, Gulfshore has designed custom systems that give our clients the ultimate in performance and efficiency.  We enjoy the complexities of projects that most of our competitors simply aren’t qualified to tackle, and the end result of our tireless efforts, are mechanical systems that work.  So ask us the tough questions, put us to the task, and enjoy our results.

Let us design your comfort!