benefits of ceiling fans

Are There Any Real Benefits of Ceiling Fans?

If you live in Northwest Florida, you likely run your ceiling fans a lot, but are there any real benefits of ceiling fans? Do they use extra energy to operate in addition to your air conditioner? Do they actually help cool down a room? These questions and a few others may have popped into your head over time, and we’re here to answer them. 

Benefits of Ceiling Fans

While you may think ceiling fans are a cost-effective alternative to running your air conditioner, this is not the case. However, they can help you save money and be more comfortable. 

Save Money

Ceiling fans create motion to remove stagnant air in a given space. When the air passes over your body, you experience the wind-chill effect where you feel colder, even if the space is not actually colder. However, because ceiling fans make you feel cooler in a space, you can save money! Once you feel cooler, you’re able to turn the temperature of your thermostat to a more efficient setting, raising the temperature by maybe 2 or 3 degrees. Even this small change will save you a noticeable amount on your energy bills. 

Does running both your ceiling fan and air conditioner at the same time cost you more money? No, ceiling fans use considerably less energy than your air conditioner, so when you’re using less energy to condition your home from your HVAC system, your energy bills will decrease.

Regulate Humidity

Ceiling fans also help to regulate humidity. Being able to regulate humidity in Northwest Florida is a lifesaver in hot, humid months of spring, summer, and early fall. Ceiling fans move air around the room to disperse moisture and keep it from accumulating in an area. While they can’t remove the moisture from the air as well as a dehumidifier, they are a huge help!  

When humidity is regulated, you’ll also feel cooler in your home. If your indoor humidity levels are over 60%, give Gulfshore Air a call today to talk about humidity solutions for your Niceville area home.

Helpful Tips:

Ensure your blades are rotating correctly.

In the summer, your ceiling fans should spin counter-clockwise, pushing air straight down. In the winter, fans should spin clockwise, pushing the air up to disperse warm air more evenly throughout the room. 

Get professional installation.

If you’re looking to install ceiling fans, contact a professional. Installation requires electrical work that can be dangerous or even life-threatening for inexperienced hands.

Position ceiling fans correctly.

Placing ceiling fans in the right spot in any room is crucial for proper air circulation and maximum efficiency.

Air Conditioner and Ceiling Fans

You should not consider ceiling fans as an alternative to air conditioning. If the air in your home is warm, your ceiling fans aren’t going to help cool your home. They can, however, aid your comfort system in keeping your home more comfortable throughout the year. If your air conditioner isn’t keeping your home comfortable on its own, it may be time for a replacement. 

The comfort systems offered by Gulfshore Air provide maximum efficiency, precise comfort, and humidity control, and are perfectly catered to suit the climate of Northwest Florida. Ask us about our comfort systems today!

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