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AccuComfort Technology is one of the best things to happen in the HVAC industry since refrigerant was introduced to the world back in the early 1900’s.  The air conditioning industry is giving us a whole new understanding of what true comfort really is.  Up until now, we have all been content with the amount of comfort that our HVAC can give us.  With this new technology we are able to achieve a whole new level of comfort that we have never experienced before.

The new AccuComfort Technology systems drastically reduce temperature swings, humidity issues, high electric bills, and short cycling that is present when using today’s conventional systems. These systems have the ability to adjust to different indoor and outdoor conditions all on their own.  During the hottest day of the year, the system will operate at full capacity.  However, the other 80%-90% of the time it will adjust its capacity based on the actual load at that time.  The compressor has the ability to vary its output in 1/10 of 1% increments.  That’s 1000 different capacities. Even if your conventional system is sized properly, it will be designed to be able to cool your home on the hottest day of the year.  So what about the 80%-90% of the time it is not the hottest day of the year? Your conventional system will be oversized.  However, due to the intelligence of this new AccuComfort system and its ability to adjust its own capacity, oversized units will now be a thing of the past.  Oversizing is a big part of what causes temperature swings, humidity issues, high electric bills, and short cycling.  Removing this factor from the equation is where you really start achieving a new level of comfort.

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See pages 4-5 for a visual understanding of Conventional Vs AccuComfort

You can think of this variable output like the Climate Control that is in newer cars.   When the system is set to a given temperature, its output capacity ebbs and flows to maintain that constant setting. Sometimes it works harder, and sometimes it works at a lower capacity to keep the temperature at the desired setting.  Other cars may not have Climate Control but they do have manual variable speed control.  Meaning when you get into your car you can turn the dial to full blast to cool down the car, but then you end up dialing it up and down to maintain your comfort level.  Consider a car with only two AC settings, full blast and off.  Would you be comfortable with this?  Why are we comfortable with cooling our homes like this?  Because that’s all we have known until now.

For a limited time, we are offering up to a $1,000.00 instant rebate when purchasing one of these new AccuComfort Technology systems.  Please ask your comfort consultant for more details.

To read more about how Accucomfort actually works click here.  You may also view the video below to learn more.